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  • 32 tonnes flatbed with crane
  • 80 tonnes tractor unit
  • 150 tonnes tractor unit
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Victoria Heavy Haulage

45 years experience in haulage of heavy plant and machinery

Services - 45 years experience in heavy haulage
Victoria Heavy Haulage have 45 years experience in the haulage of heavy plant and machinery as well as escorting heavy and wide loads. Our most popular service is our independent escort vehicle service; you can hire our escort vehicle and driver separately from our heavy haulage. Our fleet at Victoria Heavy Haulage ranges from 150 tonnes tractor units to 32 tonnes flatbeds with crane, and of course includes our escort vehicle which can be hired separately from our lorries, with driver only.

If you require any more information please contact us. Remember Victoria Heavy Haulage are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so please contact us at any time.
Escort Vehicle
Victoria Heavy Haulage are vastly experienced in wide load vehicle escorts. Our escort vehicle can be hired separately to lorries with driver only. Our most popular service.
escort vehicle front escort vehicle for hire
32 tonnes flatbed with crane
Max towing weight: 14.5 tonnes
Max lifting weight: 36 tonnes/metre
32 tonnes flatbed's crane arm 32 tonnes flatbed lorry
44 tonnes unit
Max towing weight: 30 tonnes
44 tonnes tractor unit close up 44 tonnes tractor unit loaded up
80 tonnes tractor unit
Max towing weight: 50 tonnes 80 tonnes tractor unit 80 tonnes tractor unit loaded
150 tonnes tractor unit
Max towing weight: 60 tonnes 150 tonnes tractor unit close-up 150 tonnes tractor unit
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